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Meet 19th-Century Black Dentist Who Invented The Oblate Palate And Golf Tee

Butler R. Wilson, a Boston civil rights attorney, called him “one of the most skilled and well-known dentists among the younger members of the profession.” Dr. George Franklin Grant, a black dentist, was not just a successful dentist, but also an inventor. He invented and patented the oblate palate, a prosthetic device that allows people ..

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African Cowboys On The Argentine Pampas Their Disappearance From The Historical Record

Following the introduction of cattle into the Caribbean in 1493, during Christopher Columbus’s second voyage, cattle ranching proliferated along a series of frontiers across the grasslands of North and South America. While historians have recognized that Africans and their descendants were involved in the establishment of those ranching frontiers, the emphasis has been on their ..

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Brief History Of The Ancient African Songhai Empire That Thrived In the 15th & 16th Century

Ancient Songhai Empire, Africa: The West African region is home to some of Africa’s oldest kingdoms, some of which played critical roles in the growth and development of trade and economies of the region. After the toppling of old kingdoms and their replacement with newer, albeit, smaller ones, changes were inevitable. These transformations were mostly ..

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